Dusting Off Ye Ol’ Blog

For a second to share this Gelli Print journal I made. Yummmooo and it turned out a lot more yellow than I ever intended. I must be lacking vitamin D here in the midwest winter. I obviously can not be bothered to clean up my desk very often. But that's okay. Creative minds are rarely [...]


Dry Spells Along The Lakeshore and 6 Steps To Get Through It

Wow, could I come up with a longer title? Probably. Anywho... It's hard to believe we have droughts along the lakeshore. But it happens. The grass was beginning to brown and get crunchy. Farmers were running their irrigations. It was hot and dry. But finally the other day it rained all day long, so things [...]

Day Four! And The Post Where Technology Hates Me

WELLLL yesterday I made an art journal page out of the mini rusty/tea dyed journal. Did I record it for today's video? Nope. Totally forgot. So I tired again today and now the video editing program won't work. I'm giving up for today. *sigh* Anywho, these are the pages I made trying to make up [...]