A Winter Update – Work Smaller Not Harder…Or Something Like That

Yes, a winter update. Because I live in Michigan and we still in winter! But we’ve not had very wintery weather. A few nice snowy days.


I’m super excited that my writing is being featured on Vennie Kocsis site. Vennie is an author of Cult Child., a book about her experience growing up in a cult.

Here in the link if you’d like to check it out. Mom’s Sick. Dad’s Abusive and I Have To Let Go

Does anyone else order things online without paying attention to the size? Yeah, me too! I accidentally ordered this journal thinking it’d be much bigger. Ha!


Ohhh well, I am still using it! You’d think smaller journal pages wouldn’t take as long, but I somehow manage to waste plenty of time on them.

I’ve also been trying to leave more white space. Why I feel compelled to fill the whole page up with paint, I’ll never know.

E3543A0A-2163-4C23-981A-C62B6CB5673F 3500CF67-C8A4-404A-8792-E85E898B9BF1


And my personal fave so far:


I’ve also been working in my giant Dylusions journal. From one extreme to the next… kind of like my moods!


Here is the time-lapse video of that journal spread. I intitled it Issues for … reasons.


3 thoughts on “A Winter Update – Work Smaller Not Harder…Or Something Like That

  1. Hey Jenni, just l o v e your art pages, be them big or small! They are always food for the eyes (and soul).
    Congrats on being in that gals book as well. How thrilling!!
    I seem to recall you said you are in South Haven. I have seen special news reports and vids of how the poor beaches are being so eroded!! O M Gosh, I grew up in Gr Rapids, (but now SE MI), but it still kills me, to see my beloved Lake Michigan beaches washing away! That area is still “home” to me. Sorry, I do digress.
    Again, I am thrilled for you Jenni and keep on creating. As we both know, how cleansing it is for our sometimes battered souls! XXOO, Lynn P.


    1. Ohhh I’m not in the book. I’m on her website. 😉
      But yep, the bluff is eroding away right now and houses are literally falling into the water. It’s sad. Try as the might, you can not control mother nature.
      Thanks so much for reading/commenting!


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