Dry Spells Along The Lakeshore and 6 Steps To Get Through It

Wow, could I come up with a longer title? Probably.


It’s hard to believe we have droughts along the lakeshore. But it happens. The grass was beginning to brown and get crunchy. Farmers were running their irrigations. It was hot and dry. But finally the other day it rained all day long, so things perked up a bit. My point is droughts usually end at some point. As do creative dry spells. Though it may not feel like it.

All us creative types hit a dry spell every once once in a while. It can be quite a hard time. You’re truckin’ along, making art left and right and then, out of nowhere, zilch! Nothing. Drought City!

Wanting to create so badly, but feeling like you can not. Its maddening. For me, anyway. Suffice it to say my Mojo went on vacay and doesn’t seem to be returning.

So, what can I/we do when this happens? Behold! A list of 6 things to do to keep yourself sane during a dry spell.

1.Cry. That’s it. Just get it all out. A lot of our dry spells have to do with other things going on in our lives. That can lead to getting really frustrated because we can’t create anything worth while. Acknowledging what we’er feeling can really help.


2. Get outside! Go for a walk in the woods. Go to the beach if you have one near you. Fresh air will do you a world of good. Mentally as well as physically. Just walk and be open to the sounds and sights and smells. If it doesn’t help you creatively, you’ll probably feel better emotionally.  Luckily I live in Michigan and there is no shortage of forests.

3. Peruse Pinterest. Yes, I know Pinterest can be a black hole in which a person could get sucked into very easily. I personally don’t mind this. hahaha

Instagram works for this too. Just follow the hashtag #artjournaling or something similar. These two platforms can help to spark my creativity.

4. Take a break from your normal form of  art. Do something completely different. Sew. Try indigo dying, eco printing, or my personal favorite – rust dying.

5. Number four leads me directly to number 5. Take a break completely from art. Read a book or two maybe. Here is my GoodReads list, if you’re interested. Listen to new music. I highly recommend Carolina Story Whatever you do, ignore that stack of laundry that needs to be folded, okay? Just set your art supplies aside for a while.

6. Number six, is the opposite of four and five. Create ugly art. I mean it. Just make a huge mess. Because sometimes the biggest messes have the most beautiful outcome.


Not that my messes are anything near Jackson Pollock, but you get the idea. 😉


As I am in the middle of a dry spell, I’m really hoping blogging about it well help me push though. I do feel it lifting ever-so-slightly. I see light at the end of the tunnel. A very, very long tunnel.

I hope this helps, or at least makes you chuckle a little. What are some of your go to methods for busting through a dry spell?

Maybe, to spark our creativity, this video I did for Roben-Marie Smith’s Design Team a while ago and just reposted it to my channel will help.


And to fnish out this post, here is some Carolina Story right here.


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