Day Four! And The Post Where Technology Hates Me


WELLLL yesterday I made an art journal page out of the mini rusty/tea dyed journal. Did I record it for today’s video? Nope. Totally forgot. So I tired again today and now the video editing program won’t work. I’m giving up for today. *sigh*

Anywho, these are the pages I made trying to make up for not videoing today’s video yesterday. (Yeah, its okay if you don’t understand what I just said.)

That is if I can get them to upload to flickr.  The universe is against me today.

ACS-0183 ACS-0184

ACS-0187 ACS-0186

With these pages, alongside my scallop and scribbles and cloud stamps as well as the “inhale exhale” stamp, I did a little art journal gluebooking.

What is art journal gluebooking? Here is a video I did on it a while ago, but in short it’s just gluebooking and art journaling.  Using found images and words and “traditional” art journaling techniques.

I love using found images and words and combining them with paint and stencils and layers or whatever else I happen to find.

This is why art journaling is such a great outlet. There are no rules. You can do what you want, how you want to. Some people will try to instill rules (this is not the same as suggesting useful tips or tricks, I’m talking about hard and fast rules that they think you must abide by) to art journaling, but it’s really not necessary.

You do what you want in your journal! Life is full of rules. Have you noticed that? I’m sure you have. When I’m in my art journal though, anything goes. I’ve never been good at following rules anyway.

Click here to watch my Art Journal Gluebooking video

But, I digress.

Tomorrow is the big day! The day the stamps go on sale! I’m so terrified excited! They will be available in my Etsy shop sometime after noon (EST).




So please come back tomorrow and check in. I’ll announce here and on my Instagram and various other social media outlets when they are listed and ready to go.  Also don’t forget to enter yesterday’s giveaway. And thank you all so much for all your kind words and thoughts about losing my dog. I miss her so much, but I know time will help lessen the pain. Until then…

See you all tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Day Four! And The Post Where Technology Hates Me

  1. I’m not one who can do technology so I feel for you when things don’t cooperate:( You make a go of it just the same and I love that. I’ve never gluebooked so will have to go back and watch your video. Love these pages and especially love the part of rules in our everyday lives and how our journals are ours and we can do as we please!!! Such freedom right!!! Can’t wait for tomorrow:)

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