Mental Journaling


Sure, why not! It’s much shorter than typing out Mental Health Art Journaling.

If you’ve been around here long, or following me on instagram, you know my love of found words! Well, lately, I’ve been incorporating more found words from magazines, not just old books. A lot of the magazines I buy are self-help, psychology,  yoga and healthful living magazines. (My favorite is Happinez.) And the occasional fashion magazine just for the pictures and text. I really don’t read those-I’m not a very fashionable girl.

I do this because I have anxiety. Ick, right? Some days it’s pretty unbearable and I’ve tried just about everything to find some sort of relief. One thing I’ve found that helps is art journaling using positive, affirming words and bright, colorful pictures. (Which is where the magazines come in handy.)

Of course, it helps just to art journal to keep my mind off things. But using the text/images I find from self-help magazines (usually upbeat and pleasing and calming to the mind) really helps. There’s something to being able to express myself in this way using found text and images and paint. It’s just so freeing.

Roben-Marie Smith recently had a 7 day #playingtagartchallenge and I found myself using positive affirmations/found words with the whole set.

(The blue tags are cut from blue old file folders. Loooovvvveee!)

Day One:

Day Two: day2

Day Three:
day3 image

Day Four:
day4 Day Five: day5

Day Six:
day6 Day Seven: day7

I hadn’t planned on this project turning out this way, it just happened kind of organically. For some reason it helps ease my anxiety. And I have to say I love it.

As they say:


Here are a few other tags I made along the same line. I couldn’t stop! lol I have a tag sickness.

help rest my heart.
I contain the power
to be free
observe yourself with a nonjudgmental eye
I am not my fears or anxiety

+ + +

Thanks again for everyone that participated in the blog hop! It was a lot of fun. I’ve contacted the winners. Jill R. won the 100 Days Art Pops collection and the winner of my Mini-Self-Affirmation Journal and tag was Melody (There are two Melody’s, the Melody I picked comments said: “Wow I love the way you connected your awesome Tags! Thank you for inspiring me today! Great Hop!!”).

Melody I have not heard from you, so please check your email so I can get those out to you! 


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