Dusting Off Ye Ol’ Blog

For a second to share this Gelli Print journal I made. Yummmooo and it turned out a lot more yellow than I ever intended. I must be lacking vitamin D here in the midwest winter. I obviously can not be bothered to clean up my desk very often. But that's okay. Creative minds are rarely [...]


Perfect Time

Well, this started out as an Instagram post but as I blabbered on, I realized it was way too long for Instagram. Sometimes I can write and write and other times its like getting blood from a turnip. Anywho...onward with today's post. I think the two main things that keep us from creating on a [...]

Day Four! And The Post Where Technology Hates Me

WELLLL yesterday I made an art journal page out of the mini rusty/tea dyed journal. Did I record it for today's video? Nope. Totally forgot. So I tired again today and now the video editing program won't work. I'm giving up for today. *sigh* Anywho, these are the pages I made trying to make up [...]