The Post Where I Wrote Too Much

This is continued from this Instagram post. Darn those word limits... My mother is very sick. And no one quite knows what’s wrong. She has flu-like paralytic episodes where she gets weak and her voice becomes froggy and scratchy. She’s been tested for just about everything but there has been no firm diagnosis yet.  The [...]

Acorn Dyeing and I’m a Nerd

If you've been 'following' me (that phrase still creeps me out a bit) for a while you probably are aware of my love of trees. I even have a Pinterest Board dedicated to photos of trees. Most of them are pictures I've taken. I even have a favorite tree. See... I warned you I'm a [...]

Perfect Time

Well, this started out as an Instagram post but as I blabbered on, I realized it was way too long for Instagram. Sometimes I can write and write and other times its like getting blood from a turnip. Anywho...onward with today's post. I think the two main things that keep us from creating on a [...]