A Little Pep Talk for the Both of Us

Today I’m veering a little off the art track, though I guess art still play a bit part in what my point will end up being. But ultimately this post isn’t about art.

It’s about us.

Christmas. It’s a stressful time isn’t it? All the get-togethers, the obligations, all the shopping. Its enough to make my eyes cross. I’m not much of a joiner. I’m an introvert and as much as I hate to admit it, because people tend to look at me like there’s something wrong with me, I really do not like the holidays. Or, its not the holidays so much, its really that I don’t like the obligations.

It started with the birth of my son 18 years ago. (18? Really? It feels like it was just a few years ago.) Everyone wanted to see the baby for christmas. He was just two months old and I was a new mom. Very nervous about germs and people touching my baby. It was ridiculous the number of get-togethers we had to attend, were expected to attend. And being young I felt I had to go to them all. That I couldn’t say no. Worst of all, I thought there was something wrong with me for not wanting to partake.

Fast forward to now and I am in a much more comfortable place to say NO. Plus, now that he kids are older, people aren’t as excited to see them. Funny how how that works.

But no is such an important word. One that people often look at as bad.

So many of us live for others acceptance and lose ourselves in the process. We allow guilt and shame and manipulation to run our lives. And why?

Because we are afraid of making others angry.

We spread ourselves too thin and then wonder why we can’t seem to really enjoy the holidays. We wonder why we are stressed.

This kind of thing, though, it happens in everyday life too, not just during the holidays. I hear so often that people don’t have the time for themselves to pee let alone to have a hobby such as art. And I get that backhanded comment of “Oh, I wish I had time to paint…”

The truth is you can make time for what’s important and you can say no to obligations that you do not want to partake in. It is okay. You don’t have to mean or rude. (Though be forewarned, people may take it that way. But that’s their issue, not yours! You can not control or are you responsible for what other people feel.)

So, here is my little challenge to you…

Say no. Say no to the things you don’t want to do that you do not have to do. Obviously you may have to work, you might have children to care for. You have to shower (occasionally anyway). But those things that you actually don’t have to do, those obligations we feel guilty if we don’t do, and don’t want to do? Say no!

Allow others to take responsibility of the everyday things occasionally (or everyday!). So what if your husband/significant other/kids don’t do the laundry just as you would? Let them do it anyway. It will be okay. Let them do it and you go create something. Paint, draw, mold, sculpt, write. Scribble! Whatever.

So what if they don’t load/unload the dishwasher correctly. It will be okay. The world will not implode if you take an hour to yourself. Be strong. Stand up for yourself. Say Hey! This is what I’m going to do (or not do) and go do it.

These are just examples of what might be keeping you from doing something you love, something that you put off because life is crazy and we’ve said ‘yes’ to too many things. The truth is we make time for the things that matter. And YOU matter, sister. (Or brother 😉 )

Let go of perfectionism. Let go of doing everything yourself. And take time to create something for yourself. Just for the sake of creating.

It will be okay.


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See! Mini Envelope! Weee!




Pimp My Business

Ahh, here comes the part of the running my own “business” that I do not like. The self promotion. I don’t think I will ever be comfortable with promoting. Maybe it has something to do with my humble upbringing where you never, and I mean never, boasted about something you were good at.

Whatever the reason, it always leaves me feeling uncomfortable. But promoting is kind of part of the package so here I am linking you to new printouts I have in my Etsy shop. I also restocked my collage paper packet 

I’m really quite excited how they turned out. Especially this one….


And these…


Anywho, despite my trepidation, if you’re interested have a gander at my Etsy shop: ArtGirlCreations78


Pre-Winter Blahs

I’ve been hit by the pre-winter blahs and my creativity has left me for warmer climates. BUT I do have a couple fun things to post.

Number 1…my Roben-Marie Smith Design Team Project.

For this one I made a mixed media art box. Here is a link to the blog post on Roben’s blog.  And a couple pictures…


Check out her blog for all the details and a link to the youtube video. 🙂

So, other than scaring myself needlessly with questionable books and scary movies, I have been trying to keep up some creativity. And that brings us to number 2 fun thing:

I have started a glue book. Gluebooking, from what I understand, is mainly collageing from magazines and other everyday items into a journal. It’s really quite fun and easy to do. If you’d like to see some of my pages check out my instagram.

I also like combing gluebooking with art journaling by adding paint and using other art journaling techniques. Is this a real thing? Art journal-gluebooking?  Is Gluebooking one or two words? I really have no idea. But it sure is fun. 🙂

Here is the video for these two particular art journaling-gluebooking pages.


Hope you watch and enjoy my gluebook/art journal messiness. 🙂

Mental Journaling


Sure, why not! It’s much shorter than typing out Mental Health Art Journaling.

If you’ve been around here long, or following me on instagram, you know my love of found words! Well, lately, I’ve been incorporating more found words from magazines, not just old books. A lot of the magazines I buy are self-help, psychology,  yoga and healthful living magazines. (My favorite is Happinez.) And the occasional fashion magazine just for the pictures and text. I really don’t read those-I’m not a very fashionable girl.

I do this because I have anxiety. Ick, right? Some days it’s pretty unbearable and I’ve tried just about everything to find some sort of relief. One thing I’ve found that helps is art journaling using positive, affirming words and bright, colorful pictures. (Which is where the magazines come in handy.)

Of course, it helps just to art journal to keep my mind off things. But using the text/images I find from self-help magazines (usually upbeat and pleasing and calming to the mind) really helps. There’s something to being able to express myself in this way using found text and images and paint. It’s just so freeing.

Roben-Marie Smith recently had a 7 day #playingtagartchallenge and I found myself using positive affirmations/found words with the whole set.

(The blue tags are cut from blue old file folders. Loooovvvveee!)

Day One:

Day Two: day2

Day Three:
day3 image

Day Four:
day4 Day Five: day5

Day Six:
day6 Day Seven: day7

I hadn’t planned on this project turning out this way, it just happened kind of organically. For some reason it helps ease my anxiety. And I have to say I love it.

As they say:


Here are a few other tags I made along the same line. I couldn’t stop! lol I have a tag sickness.

help rest my heart.
I contain the power
to be free
observe yourself with a nonjudgmental eye
I am not my fears or anxiety

 + + +

Thanks again for everyone that participated in the blog hop! It was a lot of fun. I’ve contacted the winners. Jill R. won the 100 Days Art Pops collection and the winner of my Mini-Self-Affirmation Journal and tag was Melody (There are two Melody’s, the Melody I picked comments said: “Wow I love the way you connected your awesome Tags! Thank you for inspiring me today! Great Hop!!”).

Melody I have not heard from you, so please check your email so I can get those out to you! 

100 Days

The Blog Hop is now over. Thank you everyone for playing! The winner of the set of Roben-Marie’s 100 Days Art Pops Collection is: Jill Redding! Congrats and look out for an email from Roben soon! 

The winner of the Mini Self Affirmation Journal and tag is Melody (Since there are two Melody’s, her comment said: Wow I love the way you connected your awesome Tags! Thank you for inspiring me today! Great Hop!!) Congrats and be on the lookout for an email from me. 

Thanks again everyone! 

. . .




Wow! Well, I’ve never participated in a blog hop before, but this should be fun! And not to mention you get a chance to win a couple awesome prizes

To celebrate the launch of Roben-Marie Smith’s new 100 Days ART POPS™ Collection we’re giving away not one, but two awesome prizes for this blog hop! There are three spots in Roben-Marie’s new online class, Fabrilage that opens on September 13 and I am giving away a set of the Digital 100 Days ART POPS™ Collection to one of my lucky readers!

All you have to do to enter is comment here on my blog and then keep on hopping across to all of the Design Team member’s posts, leave a comment on them and be entered with more chances to win.

Here are the links to all of the amazing Design Team Projects so be sure to go and check them all out to be in with the best chance of winning!

Roben- Marie




Jenni – Oh wait, that’s me. Hahaha


Exciting stuff!

You have until September 11th at 5:00 p.m. to enter.

For today’s project I’m using Roben-Marie Smith’s latest collection: 100 Days Art pops Collection.  You can purchase your own here. 

What’s an ArtPops Card you ask? Well, I’m so glad you asked!

ART POPS™ are mixed media art pieces inspired by the whimsical, saturated pages of Roben-Marie’s art journals. ART POPS™ provide bold and fanciful POPS of COLOR for your favorite projects including Project Life, Mail Art, Art Journaling and much more. Rock your world with ART POPS™!

Using mine, I made a tag art journal. I love using the Art Pop’s cards because the work is half done for you already. 😉


For this Tag Art Journal,  I took 5 tags plus one Art Pops card.


And I basically start adding layers to them. One of my favorite techniques is layering on white acrylic paint, or gesso. In this case I used Titanium White from Liquitex. And then placing a stencil on top and wiping away the excess. It leaves you with a very cool negative of the stencil.



I did this technique to some of the tags, the other tags I just slapped on some Titanium White.


Using two Art Pops cards, one for the cover of the tag journal and one to put in the middle. I used one of my already made tags as a template.


We’ll come back to this one in a bit. Back to art journaling the rest of the tags.

Some I added book text to.


Some I added stamping. This is from the Art Fusion Rubber Stamp Set.


Now going back to the tag I made from the Art Pops card, I used an Art Pops Sticker Shape and cut it in half. To add visual interest I attached half to the top of the Art Pops tag.  (As you can see I also added a photo to it and stitched around it.)




Then I just went through and added paint, stitching, doodles, Tim Holtz Chit Chat Stickers, and more Art Pops cards/sticker shapes.


To attach the tags all together, I simply tape them together using Washi Tape.



To make the little tab I closed it all with, I used a leftover piece of the an Art Pops card. Nothing goes to waste!


I glued it to the last tag in the booklet and folded it around to the front. I then punched a hole in it and attached some ribbon.


I think it turned out pretty cute and those Art Pops products were the perfect addition.

IMG_5870 IMG_5872






If you are interested in how I make my Tag Art Journal’s here is a how-to video. (It’s a bit different in the video than I make them here but you get the idea.)

Be sure to “hop” (Ha! Get it? Hop! Okay then, sorry) on over to my other Design Team mates to see their projects and for more chances to win – links above.

+ + +

And also because it’s just so cute, I can’t keep it for myself. Comment for a chance to win this tag and mini positive affirmations art journal booklet featuring the Art Pop’s Cards as the cover. (Only one winner.)



IMG_6025 IMG_6026



SO, don’t be shy and leave a comment to win!

Flash Sale…

Flash Sale (or an unplanned sale because I’m not a great planner) …At my Etsy shop!

I really would like to empty it out a bit more so I can move on to my next idea. Maybe something to do with Art Journal Kits? I’m not sure. Either way, take advantage of the moment by getting one of my Assorted Paper Art Journals. 🙂

Follow this link.


I made this using one of my file folder art journals. I love them because they are small and doable in a short amount of time.


And don’t forget to come back here next week for Roben-Marie Smith’s blog hop!