A Winter Update – Work Smaller Not Harder…Or Something Like That

Yes, a winter update. Because I live in Michigan and we still in winter! But we've not had very wintery weather. A few nice snowy days. I'm super excited that my writing is being featured on Vennie Kocsis site. Vennie is an author of Cult Child., a book about her experience growing up in a [...]

Falalala And A Happy Non-Narcissistic Holiday To You

  In case you missed my other #mentalhealthmonday posts, here they are. They are mostly on Instagram, but sometimes I babble on too much and have to post it here on ye' ol' blog. I have huge blocks of missing time from my childhood. I just don’t remember, but partly I think I don’t want [...]

Perfect Time

Well, this started out as an Instagram post but as I blabbered on, I realized it was way too long for Instagram. Sometimes I can write and write and other times its like getting blood from a turnip. Anywho...onward with today's post. I think the two main things that keep us from creating on a [...]